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Cold Sensitive Teeth

Take the "OUCH"
Out of Cold Drinks and Ice Cream
Instantly and Guaranteed.

Do you say "no thanks" when someone offers you a glass of iced tea or lemonade? And skip the sundae when you take the kids for ice cream? All because your teeth just hurt too much when they encounter something cold? If so, you're not alone.

Cold sensitivity like that is a complaint dentists hear frequently. Even if the pain lasts just a moment it makes it hard to enjoy the foods and drinks you love.

A Simple Explanation

Cold Sensitive Teeth treatmentThere may be a simple reason for the pain you feel (in otherwise healthy teeth) when you eat or drink something cold  -  or even go out into the cold air.

The crown of your tooth (the part you see) is covered in nice hard enamel  -  but the root doesn't enjoy that kind of protection. In fact, it's covered with a substance called "cementum." The cementum is considerably softer than enamel, and can become quite permeable as we age. A healthy tooth has nerves which run from the outer cementum directly to the inner tooth pulp. As long as your gums are at the proper level they cover the cementum. But when gums recede  -  as a result of improper brushing, or periodontal (gum) disease  -  the cementum is left unprotected. So when you eat or drink something cold  -  OUCH.

Instant Relief

Fortunately, today there's a simple way to get instant relief - a special protective invisible bonding liquid that we can apply to the root to protect your cementum and Eliminate the tooth's sensitivity. Although it doesn't work for everyone the vast majority of people are delighted to find they can go back to enjoying all the frozen desserts and ice-cold drinks they've been avoiding.

Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed results for cold Sensitive teethIf you'd like to try this treatment, simply tell our team at your next visit, or give us a call.

We'll apply it, then test to see if it's worked for you. If it has, you can say good-bye to the ouch and hello to ice cream, icy cold drinks and other treats you've been missing. If it hasn't, there's No Charge for the treatment.

Stop putting up with the pain. Give us a call or come in and speak with our team today.